Children of Korea

Performance Given by Schoolchildren

Schoolchildren’s performance was given at the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace on Wednesday in celebration of the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

Put on the stage of the performance which began with the celebration chapter were female solo “Marshal Kim Jong Un Is Our Father”, serial song “I Gave Answer to My Sister’s Question” and other numbers.

Performers impressively represented the appearance of all the schoolchildren in the country who are happily growing up under the loving care of the greatest father in the world.

They showed their pleasure and pride of celebrating the birthday of the mother Party with beautiful songs and dances.

The performance ended with epilogue “We Will Go to Mt Paektu” and other numbers, all of which reflect the oath of the schoolchildren to stoutly prepare themselves to be the genuine sons and daughters of the socialist homeland.

Among the audience were officials of the Central Committee of the youth league and the field of the extracurricular education for youth and schoolchildren and youth and schoolchildren in Pyongyang.

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