Lighting Festival “Wonders of Light 2020” Begins

A lighting festival “Wonders of Light 2020” opened in Pyongyang on Tuesday.

Watching the festival were delegates to celebrations for the 75th founding anniversary of the Party and viewers.

The places around Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 and at the foot of Jangdae Hill were crowded with people who were about to watch the fantastic art of light.

At the festival large images were presented on the building wall of the department store with the help of our own 3D multi-media and the multi-channel and multiplex projective technique, leading viewers to ecstasy.

Displayed at the avenue of the festival were numbers “2020”, “10.10” and “75” which are reflecting the proud history of the Party and the title of “Wonders of Light-2020”.

Pictures were presented in succession with the marvelous light of various colors and the contrast between light and shade, typically the three-person group sculpture of the Tower of the Juche Idea, the proud visages of the socialist country and the happy life of the Korean people.

An ecstasy resulted by light, dimensional and tactile, has revved up the atmosphere of the festival.

The art of light moved the viewers as it vividly displayed the pictures of places full of socialist civilization and the monumental edifices as masterpieces with the precision representation of dots and lines with the use of optical characteristic of the wall of the building.

Then displayed was the image of fireworks for marking the end of the festival in which light music and the world of marvelous light have formed perfect artistry.

The festival will last until October 8.

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