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Gingko Nicknamed Hero for Its Wartime Feats


The giant ginkgo in Ichon county township, Ichon County, Kangwon Province.

There is an old gingko tree in Ichon county town in Kangwon Province.

Originally, it was a very big tree with many branches.

During the Fatherland Liberation War in the 1950s, transport vehicles of the Korean People’s Army used it as an air raid shelter.

One day in August 1952, an enemy aircraft discovered a KPA transport truck hiding under the tree and pitched headlong in a reckless attack, only to be caught in the branches and crash.

Since then, people there have affectionately called the tree “hero gingko”.

Due to the bump, there remained only one bough, but the tree spread out lots of small branches later to get back its imposing appearance.

It has about seven branches that are over 30 centimetres in diameter and more than 150 that are more than 5 centimetres across.

It is 24 metres tall with the root neck being 8.5 metres in circumference and the crown 14 metres in width.

It produces flowers in mid-April and bears about 100 kilograms of fruits in autumn.

The gingko tree is under good protection as a living monument.

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