Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory Remodeled

The Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory was successfully remodeled and updated.

The factory furnished with equipment produced by our workers, scientists and technicians has all its processes automated and streamlined and puts its production and management on a scientific and IT basis at a high level in order to produce modern medical appliances.

The inauguration ceremony took place on October 4.

Attending the ceremony were Choe Sang Gon, department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, O Chun Bok, minister of Public Health, officials and persons of distinguished service who contributed to the construction of the factory, working people in Hyangsan County and officials and employees of the factory.

Kang Pong Hun, chairman of the Jagang Provincial Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, made a speech.

He said that the factory was remodeled as one taking the lead in rapidly developing the national medical appliance industry thanks to the wise and energetic guidance of our Party.

He noted that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the factory repeatedly with his plan to bring about a turn in the national medical appliance industry and public health by making the factory an example, and set a high aim of updating it and took the revolutionary measures for realizing it.

He stressed that officials of the field of public health should renovate every public health institution on the basis of the success and experience gained in the course of updating the factory and further cement the national foundation for anti-epidemic work and thoroughly protect and promote the life and health of our people from malignant infectious disease and all other diseases.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants made a round of the factory.

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