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Sports Goods Factory Broadens Range of Products


Technicians discuss how to raise the quality of products and increase varieties at the Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory.

The Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory puts much energy into the development of new products.

In the past, the factory’s production was mainly focused on various kinds of balls, gloves and nets.

In recent years, however, it has set its sights on developing a variety of gymnastic facilities and measuring instruments and directed efforts to this end.

In the course of this, it brought out a boxing ring.

According to experts, a boxing ring has a very complicated framework since it has to withstand furious bodily movements, strikes and impact between players.

The factory’s technical staff intensified research to simplify the compages and make such indices as the ring size and reinforced layer formation, canvas elasticity and prevention of deformation up to the international standards. Rotating corner stools were installed on the four ring post. Consequently, it ensures safety of boxers and convenience of coaches.

It also developed several kinds of facilities for physical training.

Among them are throw practicing apparatuses in various weights for judo, an inflatable free-kick wall for football and adjustable dumbbells.

Besides, it made a hand-dynamometer, spirometer and speed power gauge and a ball for three-person basketball.

“With the production of these instruments, our factory has come a step closer to sportspeople and enthusiasts,” said chief engineer Kim Thae Sop.

The factory’s “Taesongsan”-brand sports goods have nearly doubled in kinds and more than trebled in varieties as compared to those four years ago.

“Sports goods continuously change and develop in form and content as sports themselves develop. We will work harder to develop and produce more high-quality sports goods,” said manager Jang Sok Ha.

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