Implanting the Soul of Patriotism in the Minds of Pupils


March 2 is the Arbor Day in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. On the day, trees are extensively planted across the country.

On the Arbor Day in Juche 106 (2017), the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and planted trees together with pupils.

He said the teaching staff should lead the pupils to devote all their sincerity and ardor to the tree planting with the unusual consciousness of dedicating their pure conscience and patriotic mind before planting trees and with the will to make the mountains green as the root and base manure. And he added that when the trees planted by the pupils grow span by span, their patriotism will grow and when they have the ardent love for the country from their childhood, they can be true patriots working for prosperity of the country of their own accord.

That day, he said to the pupils that trees should be planted according to the scientific and technological demand and then, their rooting rate can be ensured. What is important in the tree planting is not how many trees were planted, but how many trees struck their roots. In this way he taught them in plain words, planting trees in person.

The pupils were elated and planted trees in high spirits.

Examining the planted trees one by one, Kim Jong Un estimated that pupils had planted trees well and said when they grow up and call at the school later, they would recollect today, seeing the thick trees.

And looking at the full view of the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School in thick forest, he said with pleasure that there are so many trees.

Like this, Kim Jong Un planted trees with sincerity ranging from digging to watering and tamping. Looking up to him, the pupils and teaching staff of the school keenly felt the genuine patriotism once again.

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