Foreign Affairs

Intolerable Act of Infringing upon Sovereignty

It is a prerequisite for global peace and security to respect sovereignty and firmly ensure territorial integrity of every country and nation, and it is an unstoppable trend of the development of history that humankind would advance on their own along the road chosen by themselves.

However, now in the international arena, confrontations and struggles are growing ever more serious between the world progressive peoples striving to defend sovereignty and dignity of their countries and nations on one hand, and the forces resorting to interference and arbitrariness against other countries on the other hand.

According to a news report, following the recent presidential election in Belarus, some foreign forces alleged that they cannot accept the result of election and decided sanctions against the government officials of this country, while weighing financing for anti-government forces.

As a response, the Belarusian President made clear on September 10 that violent attack is ongoing by the outside forces against Belarus and they are seeking a regime change by fostering instability of the internal situation. He stated his position to never tolerate interference by the outside forces, and Cuba, Syria and other countries strongly denounced and rejected the foreign forces’ interference in the sovereignty and right to self-determination of Belarus.

On the other hand, following the formation in June of national election council leadership for the parliamentary election this year in Venezuela, a foreign official took issue with its composition and instigated the opposition force of this country to resist the leadership. Venezuela condemned the continuous interference in Venezuela by the outside forces as an unprecedented infringement on its sovereignty and as an acme of arrogance and nostalgia of the former colonialists.

Besides, attempts of the outside forces are becoming undisguised to interfere in the internal affairs of the developing countries including Cuba, Nigeria, and Equatorial Guinea, and isolate and stifle those countries, and moves are also openly committed to fish in troubled waters by inciting improper groups of the countries concerned to separatism and extremism. These give rise to concern and apprehension of the international society.

The present international situation speaks to the fact that the interference and arbitrariness targeting the progressive countries aspiring after independence and justice are committed in a fuller-scale and more offensive manner. And while there are differences only in the way they commit it, it is exactly the same as it was in the past when the imperialists were hell-bent on scrambling for colonies over the world.

An infringement on sovereignty such as consistently interfering in the legitimate states and sowing discord within those countries by wielding an unauthorized power in total disregard of the universally acknowledged fundamental principles governing the international relations is a grave challenge to global peace and stability and an inhumane act of driving a large number of people into misfortunes and pains.

Attempts of interference by some states in the internal affairs of other countries should never be tolerated at the United Nations and in other international arena, and these attempts should be duly condemned as a gross violation of international law and definitely countered through the fights for international justice.

All developing countries and their people of the present world are neither the powerless countries any more that had been ruthlessly trampled upon by the aggression and high-handedness of the imperialists, nor the people who had been forced into slavery, unaware of their own strength. If the broad spectrum of the world people, aspiring after independence and peace, fight on their united strength, they will surely block the steps of evils threatening the humankind.

We will actively support and encourage the world progressive countries and peoples striving to defend the sovereignty of the country and nation by upholding the banner of independence and justice. And we will always advance shoulder to shoulder with them along the road of struggle for justice and truth in the future as well.

The decadent policy of enforcing domination and subordination can never escape a stern judgement of the history.

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