Science and Technology

High Aim


“White cloud”, a process monitoring programming tool, was selected as one of the ten best IT products in the national exhibition of IT achievements held in 2019.

The program makes it possible to reduce the time of establishing an integrated production system at factories and enterprises and enhance accuracy and reliability of management and operation of the system.

It proved effective in some units, including the Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory and the Kumsanpho Fish Pickling Factory.

It was developed by Kim Ryong Dong, section chief of the State Academy of Sciences in his thirties.

He began to steal the limelight in the sector when he was enrolled in a think-tank for realizing the work to automate the production lines of the Sunchon Cement Complex.

At that time, its existing integrated production system had been designed to be controlled only by a system expert and a master of production lines.

He developed and introduced a program with which a person of general knowledge of production lines can easily modify and work them out and manage and operate the system. As a result, he in his twenties was awarded the February 16 Sci-Tech Prize, the highest honour in the science and technology sector of the country.

Without resting on his laurels, he has solved technical problems arising in algorithm programming and device manufacture with his novel ideas and thus made a tangible contribution to realizing the automatic control system of vinalon production line at the Sunchon Chemical Complex.

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