“Rug Full of Needles” and “Golden Cushion”

One summer day when the people were going to wading pools and bathing resorts to escape from the summer heat, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory with his body bathed in perspiration in scorching weather.

Feasting his eyes on a prototype trolley bus made by the factory with its own efforts and technology, he said to the accompanying officials as follows: Now I feel relieved. I felt as if I had sat on a rug full of needles on a car, whenever I saw people waiting at the bus stop in sultry weather of midsummer and in cold winter days.


That evening, he oversaw the trial run of the prototype trolley bus. Examining its fittings one after another, he said they were made well to be flawless and that what a worthwhile job it was to run the bus with our people, who are the best in the world, seated on “golden cushions” along with their cheering for socialism.

One day when he visited Pyongyang Teachers Training College provided with cutting-edge teaching facilities, modern teaching aids and management equipment, he said with a beaming smile on his face: I feel as if I plucked the stars from the sky for the educators in charge of the country’s future and provided them with golden cushions. Now I can envisage the bright future of our country.

Thanks to his painstaking efforts for the good of the people, a larger number of structures, including Changjon Street, Mirae Scientists Street, Ryomyong Street, Samjiyon City, Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp, Yangdok Hot Spring Resort, Masikryong Ski Resort, Munsu Water Park and Mirim Riding Club, have mushroomed in different parts of the country.

The whole country is overflowing with the feelings of reverence of the Korean people for Kim Jong Un who continues his endless journey of on-site guidance for their wellbeing.

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