To Give Substantial Benefits to the People


It is the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un‘s will to make the people benefit substantially from whatever is built.

The Central Mushroom Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture was built in the capital city Pyongyang at the proposal of Kim Jong Un who is concerned to provide the people with a lot of tasty and nutritious mushrooms.

The institute is equipped with the facilities necessary for research and cultivation of mushrooms, which were all made by its own efforts and technology.

It has built a data base with more than 19,000 scientific and technological materials on mushrooms and established a remote-control system for scientific and technological dissemination of mushrooms by computer network so as to introduce advanced science and technology and research findings into the reality as quickly as possible, thereby normalizing the technical courses and dissemination.

Different research sections including the cultivation research section and the seed production section have recently bred more than 10 new varieties of tasty and nutritious mushrooms and introduced them into production.


All the achievements at the institute are unthinkable apart from the wise guidance of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Saying mushroom farms with large capacity and mushroom production bases are being built in different parts of the country, Kim Jong Un had an institute built, which has put the mushroom production on an industrial and scientific basis. And in October Juche 102 (2013) he gave field guidance to the new institute.

Kim Jong Un beamed all over his face, looking round the germ- and dust-free institute which has introduced the heating system by geotherm and been fully equipped with modern experimental apparatuses and facilities.

He said the duty and role of the institute are very important in order to make ours a country of mushrooms. He underscored the need to research and complete the technology of cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms, deepen the work to solve the problem of substrate according to the regional characteristics and produce and supply sufficient spores needed for mushroom cultivation. And he stressed time and again that the institute must be a scientific research centre giving substantial benefits to the people.

The Central Mushroom Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture is breeding good varieties of mushrooms suited to the actual conditions of Korea, developing and producing highly active spores and supplying them across the country.

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