Nampo City Gets a Fresh Facelift


The port city of Nampho on the west coast of the DPRK has had a facelift.

“Our city has undergone a total change in appearance in keeping with the features of a seaside town, according to the state policy of building local cities into distinctive towns,” said Kim Chol U, department director of the Nampho City People’s Committee.

According to him, the builders buckled down to remodelling the city last year as they selected the dark blue colour reminding people of the waves of the West Sea of Korea to decorate the exteriors of buildings.

Some buildings have been painted in orange, verdant green and brown colours, but most of them have been given the finishing touches in navy blue to bring the features of the port city into relief.


By taking advantage of the country’s glass industry concentrated in the city, glass panes have been fixed at balconies of many multi-storey apartment houses and coloured tiles, coloured roofing tiles and plastic window sashes fitted at houses and public buildings.

The elements of buildings are decorated in relief in such shapes as water drops, waves, seagulls, anchors, sailing boats and lifebelts, and flowers in marble flowerbeds in streets give off fragrant smell.

“In the morning we go to work relishing the beautiful sights of multi-storey buildings, spectacular commercial service centres and fragrant flowers and in the evening we go back home enjoying the illuminated streets,” said Kim Su Hyang, teacher at Kyesung Primary School in Hanggu District.

The city authorities solved such essential and vital problems as the supply of water and electricity and traffic service in order to offer more convenience to citizens.

“In the past we had an insufficient supply of water due to topographical conditions. But now, we have an abundant supply of clean water. Furthermore, bus stops have increased to the convenience of passengers,” said Choe Kyong Suk, resident in Hoechang-dong of Hanggu District.

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