Paduk Amateurs


Paduk (or Go), which wins popularity as a worldwide intellectual game, is a traditional folk game of Korea.

Paduk places can be found in different parts of Korea, paduk amateurs contest and children’s paduk contest of different scales are held every year and paduk prodigies are found out to be trained systematically. This increases the number of paduk enthusiasts.

The family of Ri Se Chung in Ryugyong-dong No. 1, Pothonggang District of the capital city Pyongyang, is the family of paduk enthusiasts.

His son Ri Nam Hyok says:

“To say nothing of my father, my son and I also like to play paduk. We frequently play paduk on red-letter days and holidays. We have paduk match as well, which is so fierce. Paduk is part of our life.”

Ri Se Chung was engaged in medical research all his life and his son Ri Nam Hyok is working in passenger service sector. They are high grade holders and take part in the paduk amateurs contest every year.

Ri Se Chung teaches beginners the knack of playing paduk and writes books on paduk.

His grandson Ri Sung Jae is a primary school boy. When playing paduk, he quotes aphorism on paduk fairly well. He has been known as a brain at his school, perhaps as he started paduk when young.


Jon Hyon working at the Myohyang Trade Bureau is also a paduk amateur.

Jon Hyon, a graduate from the Pyongyang University of Fine Arts, also learned paduk in his university days.

He started learning paduk for an interest but now it has become his companion of life.

He says paduk gives a great help to his cultural and emotional life and to raising his working ability.

There is a saying that chess has a thousand moves whereas paduk has ten thousand. Paduk accords with scientific reason and has quite diverse and profound techniques.

So it has a greater charm with each passing day. Such peculiar charm leads many people to the world of paduk.

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