Mastering Science and Technology


The Kalma Foodstuff Factory is found in Kangwon Province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The processed marine products of the factory are well known to the people for their diverse kinds and high quality.

What draws attention in the business activities of the factory is the products exhibition which is held at the factory every month.

The factory often organized a workshop of experience in the products passed through deliberation and gave good estimation to them. It allowed the specially excellent products to be mass-produced on the basis of their technology. In the course the concern and enthusiasm of the employees got higher.

Even after the end of work, the sci-tech learning space was occupied by many employees and more and more of them made hot discussions to have a deeper knowledge. The employees had greater zeal for study of science and technology and higher competitive spirit and their technical knowledge and skills were raised day by day. The kinds of the processed marine products became diverse including pickled squid, fermented pollack and fermented gills and their quality was improved.


Now, almost all the employees take part in the products exhibition every month.

The employees of the factory often say that when one becomes the master of science and technology, he can become the real master of the factory.

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