Diabetes Treatment Makes Progress With Help of Traditional Medicine


The Nampo Koryo Medicine Hospital is doing a good job of treating type II diabetes with traditional medicine.

“We are curing type II diabetes by applying acupuncture according to pulse rate by using no or a small dose of insulin,” said Im Kyong Il, deputy director in charge of technology.

According to him, the therapy fully cures non-insulin-dependent diabetics in some 20 days and insulin-dependent diabetics in over 30 days by gradually reducing insulin dose.

“I had completely recovered from diabetes three years ago, but relapsed. My blood sugar level was 350mg/dl just before receiving the Koryo therapy and dropped to 118mg/dl after 20 days of treatment. I thought insulin was indispensable to diabetics, but I have got better thanks to Koryo medicines and acupuncture. It’s really amazing,” said Han Kwang Chol (aged 53) living in Masa-dong of Waudo District, Nampho.

The correct measurement of pulse is the most important in the treatment of diabetics, said Choe Chol Nam, head of the metabolism department who established this therapy. He added that as type II diabetics generally have complications, the patients suffering from the same diabetes may differ in pulse rate and therefore they should be treated by applying different acupuncture therapies accordingly.

The hospital has fully cured dozens of diabetics over the past two years.

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