Patriotic People

Couple Work to Promote Orthodox Martial Art


Pak Chung Song gives a pep talk to his family members before training.

There is a “family Taekwon-Do team” in Yangji-dong, Phyongsong, South Phyongan Province.

The family got the nickname not just because all the family members are connected with the national martial art.

Taekwon-Do has been the dream and life as well as love of Pak Chung Song and his wife Ri Un Ju.

Pak has been in the sport for over 20 years.

Born into an ordinary farmer’s family in Namchil-ri, Anju, South Phyongan Province, he loved Taekwon-Do very much from his childhood. As a young boy, he used to deftly imitate forceful and swift movements of Taekwon-Doists shown on TV.

He started learning the martial art when he was 13 at the then South Phyongan provincial Taekwon-Do extramural school. After graduation, he came a Taekwon-Do practitioner as he wished and produced good results in national competitions.

Later, his strong passion for the sport spurred him to get involved in the training of future Taekwon-Doists. Having worked as a coach for some time, he is now the assistant manager of the South Phyongan provincial Taekwon-Do club.

His wife Ri Un Ju is a coach of the same club. Hailing from Sunchon, South Phyongan Province, she learned Taekwon-Do in a hobby group during her middle school days. After graduating from the school, she collected many medals in national and local events as a player of the club.

Their common desire to add glory to the nation’s orthodox martial art in the international arena matured into love, and they got to devote all their energy to training young practitioners together.

Ri Sung Chon, manager of the club, praised them as excellent coaches who think about Taekwon-Do more than their family life.

“The couple are like soft-hearted brother and sister in family life, but once they are in the training ground they are strict teachers and uncompromising coaches. Their top priority in training is the culture of mind,” said Taekwon-Do instructor Ri Song Hui, adding they have taught many instructors.

Their assiduous efforts never failed to bear fruit.

Their disciples won a lot of medals at international events including the 21st Taekwon-Do World Championships last year.

The couple took part in the 7th National Conference of Sportspersons.

“My parents often say that Taekwon-Do is the orthodox martial art of the nation before it is a sport,” said their son Pak Su Jin who is a Taekwon-Do practitioner. “Their motto is ‘Bear in mind the soul and spirit of the nation through Taekwon-Do and add lustre to it in the world arena’.”

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