The Request He Made Time and Again

On November 17, Juche 104 (2015) the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited a new mobile cage-net fish farm in the River Taedong.

He said with great pleasure that the mobile cage-net fish farm looks neat and wonderful and is in good harmony with the River Taedong and it is a beautiful scene making Pyongyang City more conspicuous. He stressed the need to actively encourage the mobile cage fish culture, a world trend of pisciculture.

Looking round the farm, he said a lot of fish should be bred to provide the people with more fish and it is necessary to actively encourage the cage fish culture to produce a lot of fish. They should make the cage fish culture prove effective, he stressed.

That day, he said time and again that the people should substantially benefit from the cage fish culture.

His request represented the noble meaning that whatever we do, it should bring benefits to the people.

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