Modernization Efforts Keep Factory Afloat


The Songyo Foodstuff Factory in Pyongyang turns out many kinds of processed foods including confectionaries.

“It is all thanks to the factory’s strategy of giving precedence to modernization of production processes that we could make such marketable foodstuffs,” said manager Han Kyong Suk, adding they directed primary efforts to boosting the productivity of the facilities.

The factory has newly introduced an automatic bread packing machine that can package breads in different sizes. Equipped with an elaborate control system, it can automatically sort and package a large amount of breads. According to engineer Kim Chung Il, the introduction of the machine reduced the labour to one third and the production cost to one fourth in the packing process.

The factory newly furnished the fermentation room in the bread production line so that it can automatically control the temperature and humidity, thus expanding its fermentation capacity.

It has also installed various kinds of jigs in the degenerated corn noodles production line so as to improve the quality of the products.

Besides, it has upgraded over a dozen facilities including a rotary bread oven, dough conveyor, sugar moulding machine, drink injector and dosing dough feeder.

At present, the factory produces dozens of kinds of foodstuffs such as yeast bread, cake, peppermint candy, cream candy, degenerated corn noodles and peanut nutritive paste.

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