Household Doctors


Doctors at the Chukjon Polyclinic in Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang City call on the inhabitants in their charge from 14 o’clock for hygienic propaganda and medical examination. They are welcomed by all the families. They ask if there is a patient in the family and explain medical and hygienic common knowledge. The inhabitants unreservedly tell the doctors about what happened in their families.

The inhabitants respect the doctors of the polyclinic because of their sincerity.

Some years ago, a doctor was conducting hygienic propaganda and perceived that a girl has a chronic disease.

At that time, she did not know that her case was very serious. After several times of consultation, the doctor grasped her condition in detail and took specific and sincere measures for her treatment. Finally, she was fully recovered.

An old man was discouraged for his serious disease. The doctor in charge gave him confidence and made all sincerity for his recovery.

Another doctor visited a new family that had just moved into the village under her charge with tonics and suggested immediate treatment of the patient. Those stories are moving a lot of people.

Doctor Kim Hye Yong says:

“We should make good medical examination of the inhabitants in our charge to find out their diseases in time and treat them. Of course, high medical practice is needed. But in order to fulfill our responsibility we should be familiar with the inhabitants. That is the key to success in the treatment, I think.”

The doctors of the Chukjon Polyclinic regard it as their duty to show their sincerity to the inhabitants with kindred feelings.

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