Unusual Pride


There is the General Pharmacy of the Pharmaceutical Industry Management Bureau under the Ministry of Public Health in the capital city Pyongyang. It is a small unit, but Koryo medicines produced there are popular among people.

Chief of the pharmacy Kim Jong Ok says:

“People usually think that a woman is only a frail housewife. All members of our General Pharmacy are women. They are exerting themselves for the society and collective.”

People are greatly surprised to learn the fact that the highly efficacious Koryo medicines have been produced by only over 10 women at the herbary and production centre they built by themselves.

They doubt how the housewives could do such a great job.

Those at the General Pharmacy began the job more than 20 years ago.

It was not only once or twice that they felt impatient because of shortage of medicines the customers want.


So they determined to make a herbary and different kinds of Koryo medicines by themselves. They made nearly three hectares of herbary in a short span of time, overcoming fear deep in mountains overgrown with weeds.

They also built a chemist’s with their own efforts. They had a great pleasure when they made dozens of Koryo medicines with the herbs they planted and cultivated with their own hands.

They are now producing thousands of Koryo medicines of over 10 kinds a year.

They regularly send those medicines to the war veterans and honored disabled soldiers in the city.


Kim Jong Ok says:

“We have the greatest happiness and pleasure when we see the visitors to our pharmacy warmly feel the superiority of the grateful socialist health system and we receive letters from them.”

They always busy themselves about their job with an unusual pride of doing a worthwhile work for the promotion of the people’s health and for the society and collective.

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