They Raise Flowers

Flower is bound to be in and out of bloom. But various beautiful flowers are always in full bloom from early spring to late autumn in different shapes of flower beds in the streets of the capital city Pyongyang.

The employees of the Central District Floricultural Farm are making efforts to build up Pyongyang beautifully into a city buried in all kinds of flowers.

Manageress Ryu Song Sil says:

“It is not easy to raise flowers. Especially, the flowers to be planted in the streets require more efforts than the potted ones to be put on windowsill. This year had much more rain than usual, so the beautiful flowers in the streets had fallen down. But now flowers are in full bloom after we did additional planting again with flowers grown in the greenhouse. The employees are replete with a great determination to cultivate a greater number of beautiful flowers on the occasion of the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. This year flowers are of better quality and they have another 30 kinds as compared with last year.”


The officials and employees of the farm have completed a new flower-decorating miniature for every season which is suitable for the greens made in the streets and the surroundings. They paid attention to choosing varieties of beautiful flowers with great ornamental effect and their cultivating sites and locations in accordance with their ecological characteristics. On its basis, they took care of the nutrition of the young flowering plants in a scientific way and made an extract with petals and stalks to be used as agrochemicals and fertilizer.

Therefore, they could produce tens of thousand flowers of over 60 kinds including rose, Gebera hybrida and perpetual begonia.


Those flowers are giving pleasure to the people in the streets.

Now a great number of young flowering plants are growing well in the flower gardens of the farm. They will decorate the streets and villages in the district more beautifully and brightly on the occasion of October 10, the significant founding anniversary of the WPK.

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