Patriotic People

Kim Sisters Serve People With Devotion

Among the Korean women who devote themselves to the good of the people are the two sisters, Kim Hyang Suk, manager of the Jonsung Seafood Store in Moranbong District of Pyongyang, and Kim Hyang Sim, supplier at the Mangyongdae District Fuel Service Station in the same city.

Their father who had eight children often asked them to be good persons who repay the favour bestowed by the benevolent system which provided them with uniforms and other school things and enabled them to learn to their heart’s content.

Bearing her father’s earnest request deep in her mind, Hyang Suk joined the army after finishing her middle school course and set about working at the seafood store after her demob.

As a saleswoman, she voluntarily delivered goods and received articles. She worked with great enthusiasm and felt pride in her work for the residents.

On her way back home she would provide delivery services to the families of working couples who failed to be supplied with fish in time.

“I’ve been to every fishery station on the east and west coasts of the country to receive seafood. But I was fully relieved of fatigue whenever I was welcomed by the residents in my charge,” Hyang Suk recalled.

After becoming the manager of the store, the enterprising and affable woman combined the efforts of her employees to give a fresh facelift to the shop.

Its shelves were filled with various kinds of seafood including processed foods to offer kind services and cater for the needs of customers, thereby always giving pleasure to them.

As she worked for over 30 years as manager, she also took warm care of the war veterans and special-class disabled soldiers in the surrounding residential areas and rendered unstinting assistance to grand socialist construction sites.

Hyang Sim at the fuel service station has no less enthusiasm for work than her elder sister.

Early in the 2000s when the country was undergoing difficulties due to the economic blockade by the imperialists, she succeeded in developing a blower-type heat-preserving firebox after painstaking research, thereby contributing to solving the fuel problem of residents, and she made her name as a worker inventor.

Her invention was hailed not only in Mangyongdae District but all across the country.

The supportive woman always found work for the good of residents and therefore she was elected as deputy to the district people’s assembly and honoured with the title of meritorious person of socialist patriotism with their blessing.

Finding their happiness and worth of life in devoting all their wisdom and efforts for the good of the people, the sisters usually share their opinions to better serve customers and encourage each other whenever they face difficulties in work. Both of them are determined to do more good things for the people.

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