Patriotic People



Song Hyon Ho is a worker of the Road Facilities Management Station in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang.

From his boyhood he was curious about matters and phenomena and very interested in the operation principles of electronic products in particular.

After graduation from a middle school, he started working at the management station from Juche 96 (2007). He studied engineering by himself through the sci-tech diffusion networks of the Grand People’s Study House and the Sci-Tech Complex, and solved problems arising in the actual situation with his brilliant ideas and through bold practice.

One day in the rainy season, he witnessed rainwater undrained in an underground crossing. He devoted himself to developing a device of controlling a suction pump and illumination to automate the management of facilities. It was his first invention.

Later, he, together with technicians of the station, remodelled the existing hydraulic road sweeping machine into an electronic, automated machine of new style, which made it possible to save much labour and time.


Every year he has been highly appreciated in the national sci-tech festival, the national hypothesis and idea presentation and the national sci-tech presentation in urban management sector.

He has produced a solar-powered sweeper and other inventions and technical innovation plans. Whenever his fellows ask him about the secret, he replied:

Our country fully provides all people with all conditions and environment to learn to their heart’s content and cultivate their talents. Even an ordinary worker can be an inventor if he or she makes persevering efforts.

He also plays the role of a disseminator of sci-tech knowledge at the management station. He is now enrolled at the Kim Hyong Jik University of Education online.

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