Tailors With Sense of Responsibility


The Jongno Tailor’s Shop under the Central District General Tailor Shops in the centre of the capital city Pyongyang draws many people including young couples who come to order their wedding clothes.

The tailors of the shop make Korean clothes and other seasonal dresses in various styles and colours according to figures, fancies, ages and occupations. In order to avoid the likeness and repeat in styles, they make much effort for grasping the liking and demand of customers. Besides, they make good use of various decorations to cover the defects of figures while preserving individuality.

Chief Kong Hye Ok says:

“All things ranging from the idea of style to the cloth, button and thread are associated with the deep thinking and efforts of our employees. I think our responsibility is very important in making noble and sound yet colourful clothes for the people according to the socialist way of life so that they can fully enjoy a civilized life.”

Our streets and villages will get more beautiful thanks to those service workers making efforts to further develop the sound and civilized dressing culture.

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