Home-Made Products

“Paekhak”-Trademarked Toothpastes Favoured by People


“Paekhak”-trademarked toothpastes are produced at the Pyongyang Dental Hygiene Products Factory.

Many families in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea like to use the toothpastes associated with the devoted efforts of the officials and employees of the factory.

Just after the inauguration of the factory, the officials heard the opinions of people and made a conclusion that the mint oil-refining equipment should be improved. The factory decided to do it by itself without depending on a special machine-building factory. All the officials and employees of the factory buckled down to the work to invent and make designs, sheet metal processing equipment and some jigs and built a good mint oil-refining process of high performance. As a result, the toothpastes they produce have become famous goods favoured by the people.

Director Jon Chol Jin says:

“In those days when we were producing the ‘Paekhak’-trademarked toothpastes which can represent the factory, we deeply felt once again that the best way for the development of one’s unit is to rely on one’s own strength.”

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