Disaster Response

New Records Set Every Hour and Every Day

The officers and men of the Divisions of the Party members of the capital city courageously carry out their building projects in the flood-stricken areas of North and South Hamgyong Provinces by various means day and night, thereby ceaselessly scoring success after success in them every hour and every day.

Although their work was set about a few days ago dwellings in their charge were framed to much extent in many places of the areas. A breakthrough is also made in accelerating their building operations at a high speed despite their difficulties.

On the morning of September 12 the men of many battalions of the Division No. 1 buckled down to excavating the ground for the dwellings they are assigned to build in Unpho and Kyongpho Workers’ Districts of Hongwon County. They finished doing that and also concreting it for their construction in a short time. They are now framing them with great success.

The men of a factories regiment of the Division No. 2 repair roads for far more than ten kilometers and realign the sites of dozens of future dwellings. Besides, they transport hundreds of thousands of blocks and other building materials to the sites at a time.

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