Adapting First Aid Practices to COVID-19

Emergencies including collapse and injury may occur at any time in life from various causes.

In such a critical circumstance, the consequence is fatal if people do not know what to do, only counting on the care of health workers.

According to information available, 90 percent of survivors of natural disasters and other accidents were those who received timely first aid treatment from people nearby.

First aid is the first step to the survival of patients in a critical condition, and if everybody acquires simple first-aid treatment methods, they will be able to save lots of lives.

The importance of first aid is clearly highlighted by ongoing conflicts in many countries around the world, frequent natural disasters caused by climate change, other kinds of accidents and rapidly spreading deadly epidemics.

In 2000 the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies designated the second Saturday of September as World First Aid Day with an eye to teaching people basic first-aid treatments and thereby contributing to saving human lives.

Marking the day every year, the IFRC conducts various information activities to keep all people informed of first-aid treatment methods that are needed for everyone and everywhere.

The federation set “Adapting First Aid Practices to the Pandemic” as this year’s WFAD theme, given the world health crisis created by the spread of COVID-19, and is working to diffuse knowledge of first aid along with basic common knowledge of anti-epidemic measures. It encourages online learning and education in families, instead of previous dissemination methods through mass events like short training course and workshop.

On the occasion of WFAD this year, the DPRK Red Cross Society is also conducting various activities to widely disseminate first-aid knowledge by mobilizing its branches and enlisting RC volunteers.

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