A Variety of Products Turned Out

Fruit juices roll off the production line at the Taedonggang General Fruit Processing Factory.

The Taedonggang General Fruit Processing Factory is much concerned with developing new products.

“Our factory considers development of new products as a key to reenergizing production and directs efforts to it,” said chief engineer Son Song Ryong. “Our utmost concerns here are to raise the value of new products by adding functional ingredients and to design stoppers and trademarks and decide the size and quality of containers in a fresh way so as to make them user-friendly.”

According to him, the factory is paying special attention to the size and shape of containers and making and purchasing different moulds and containers.

It is also readjusting the mixing ratios and physical and chemical processing characteristics of existing products to develop new products with better taste and at lower cost.

Pak Un Ryong, chief of the technical department, said that they are digging into the nationwide and worldwide trends of development in their field on a regular basis, adding they studied hundreds of samples this year.

They indicated the directions of development for all research teams such as drink, spices and fermentation and gave precedence to upgrading the standards in the design of products while intensifying literature search. Thus, they developed several products including a no-sugar no-calorie drink, the first of its kind in the country.

They have brought out over 20 kinds of new products including fruit kefir, fruit sweets with stuffing, yogurt, body cream, and nourishing shampoo.

The factory’s fruit fermented vinegar, functional vinegary drink and the animal feed production method based on processing of fruit by-products using fibre lytic bacteria were highly appreciated at the 34th national sci-tech festival last year.

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