Interesting Program “Let’s Learn English”

The Changgwang Kindergarten in the capital city Pyongyang is well-known as a model unit of the preschool education in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The kindergarten has trained many little talents for 38 years since its establishment.

In recent years, the officials and teachers of the kindergarten have actively developed and used IT-based teaching means for intellectual development to intensify the intellectual education of children. They had already made the multimedia program “Kkotbongori” for intellectual development, greatly contributing to the intellectual development of the kindergarten children. Some time ago, they made a new program for the English study of children.


Department Head Yun Suk says:

“Our kindergarten has studied a lot how to create the foreign language teaching method suited to the ages and psychological peculiarities of the children. We thought that if the children listen to a program consisting of simple words and sentences and songs representing their life for more than 20 minutes every day, they could have a general idea of a foreign language and then, its linguistic sense. So we came to complete a cartoon-style program ‘Let’s Learn English’ which is suitable to the ages and psychological peculiarities of the children. The program helps the children have a rich idea of the phonetics of English and understand the foreign language through video-based visual clues and fosters their ability to learn after the words and sentences.”

The children want to know something and express their feelings. It is their common mind. This program greatly helps the children express their thoughts not only in Korean but also in foreign language.

The program “Let’s Learn English” is welcomed by children and their parents. It is not a big invention but is associated with great efforts of the kindergarten teachers.

The officials and teachers of the kindergarten are working hard to find out better teaching methods in order to train the children as future good talents.

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