State Emergency Anti-Epidemic State Continues

The work to complement and keep the state emergency anti-epidemic state continues to be intensified in the DPRK.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector further perfects the rules and procedures for going in and out of the borders and demands the entering personnel and equipment strictly observe the order of action in the borders.

All regions and units are healing up the damages by typhoon and flood and renovating the production and life environments.

Especially, they are gathering all the articles and dirt blown off by wind or washed away from the borders, coastlines and the areas along the inter-Korean demarcation line to dispose of them according to the fixed order and inspecting the water quality of the rivers, lakes, reservoirs, wells and tube wells and disinfecting them according to the anti-epidemic demand.

The provincial, city and county emergency anti-epidemic units are rebuilding or repairing and building the sanitary facilities in the residential districts according to the state standard designs. The officials find out and take measures in time the sources that may cause diseases in their regions and units.

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