Socialist Education System

School Develops Programs to Make Studying Enjoyable for Students

Teachers discuss how to introduce a music and dance teaching support program at Okryu Primary School in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang.

Teachers at Okryu Primary School in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, are working hard to develop and introduce new teaching methods.

“We are intensifying research into teaching methods that suit the ages and minds of primary school pupils by adopting information technology and other means,” said headmistress Pak Pok Hui, adding in the course of this they developed the music and dance combined teaching support system.

In the past music and dance lessons, a teacher used to show an example of the teaching content to be followed by pupils.

But with the new teaching support system, pupils can learn the music and dance subject without the help of a teacher.

The system enhances their faculty of expression and creation as well as the sight-reading and sight-singing abilities and makes them capable of singing with emotion so that they can fully display their gift and talent.

Divided into such sections as basics of music classroom, singing classroom, dance classroom and several other classrooms, the program helps students understand correctly about voice parts and chords by combining low and high-pitched sounds when they sing in tune with the melody in the textbook.

According to music teacher Jong He Yong, many boys seemed bored and could not concentrate their attention on music and dance lessons but, after the introduction of the teaching support system, they got much more interested in music.

“The music subject is now very interesting and I can sing really well in the singing classroom,” said second-year student Om Un Ryong. “Now I want to learn to play musical instruments and to dance.”

The school has also introduced games, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and 3D projecting technology in several subjects.

The school’s teaching support systems that enable students to look at, listen to, feel and assess new things by themselves and combine study and intelligence games are well received by the students and their parents and also at other primary schools.

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