Father of the Korean People


The 16th Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held on August 13 decided on lifting the lock-down of the frontline area including Kaesong City, which has been enforced following the emergency incident in the forefront area, based on the scientific verification and guarantee by a professional anti-epidemic organization.

At the meeting the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un expressed thanks in the name of the Party Central Committee to the people in the locked-down area for having remained faithful to the measures taken by the Party and the government, despite of the inconveniences in their living under quarantine and to all those who performed their duty of locking down the area with responsibility, despite of the heavy rain and sultry weather.

Upon receiving his thanks, the Kaesong citizens were wrapped in deep emotion.

From the moment when the city was completely locked down on July 24, Kim Jong Un paid deep attention to the Kaesong citizens, taking consecutive emergency measures for stabilizing their living.

He was concerned about the details of their living ranging from the foodgrain, cooking oil, daily necessities and fuel to matches. Calculating the amount of vegetables for every household, he took measures to provide the Kaesong citizens with different kinds of fresh vegetables almost every day.

The Fourth Meeting of the Executive Policy Council of the Seventh Central Committee of the WPK held on August 5 discussed and decided on the Party Central Committee’s special supply of food and funds to the city to stabilize the living of the people in the locked-down area.

As a result, special aid materials representing the loving care of the motherly Party were delivered to the Kaesong citizens.

Kim Jong Un said he is concerned about the people in Kaesong City day and night and he would be relieved if his humble sincerity would help encourage and hearten the Kaesong citizens.

He continued: The inconveniences suffered by the Kaesong citizens are precisely the pain of the Party. It is a duty of the motherly Party to take care of them. I will be always with the people in Kaesong City who have turned out to prevent the malignant virus from spreading.

Kaesong City was in no sense a locked-down area.

The people in Kaesong City were in the mind of Marshal Kim Jong Un. They were under the warm care of the motherly Party. That is why they never felt lonely.

Kim Jong Un regarded it as a top-priority and important matter of the Party and the state to firmly defend the lives of the people and showed warm loving care to them time and again, but he directed all the appreciation to the people in Kaesong City.

That is why the Kaesong citizens call him their father.

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