Economic Development & Construction

Company Works to Fill Needs for Consumer Goods Moulds

The consumer goods moulding company under the Ministry of Light Industry produces various kinds of moulds by applying advanced technologies.

“Our company specializes in research into and production of hundreds of kinds of moulds for consumer goods such as plastic bottles and stoppers and metal fittings,” said director Rim Chang Ho.

It is equipped with a complete mould production line composed of CNC machine tools such as four-axis and turning machining centres and hole and line dischargers.

“The quality of consumer goods largely depends on the quality of moulds,” said section chief Ri Song Il.

According to him, the company organically combined such processes as modelling the products, designing the moulds and processing the parts of moulds in keeping with the worldwide trend in design and manufacture of plastic moulds, thus raising the level of mould development, shortening the upgrading cycle to the utmost and ensuring high quality.

To this end, it introduced computer application tools and programs that help ensure high accuracy of processing in mould design and reduced the mould processing time.

It designed horizontal injection moulds, made grindstones and other grinding tools in different shapes, designed and manufactured dice for line discharging machine and solved other technical problems in order to improve the machining accuracy and surface finish.

It recently developed hot-runner-system injection moulds and established the technology for moulding sheets with various thicknesses. It also brought out gel-coated moulds and blow-moulding moulds.

“We will go on to apply advanced technologies such as the 3D modelling technology into production and fully address the domestic needs for moulds,” said director Rim.

The moulds for consumer goods produced at the company have been introduced into the production of disposable cups, suitcases and 25-litre bottles at many factories.

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