A Blind Girl Sings of Her Motherland

The Korean Art Association of the Disabled (KAAD) has a blind girl renowned as an “oriole” among its art squad members.

She is an 18-year-old Pak Jin Ri who has impressed the audience by splendidly singing “Voice of My Heart”, “Ode to Motherland” and other songs with her resonant voice and clear and beautiful tone.

Born as a darling daughter of the family, she had a good ear from her childhood and easily sang after new songs broadcasted by a television or radio.

She was the source of joy and happiness in her family.

But, she began to lose her eyesight without reason at the age of three.

Medical workers diagnosed it as eyesight troubles.

Her parents made every possible effort to recover her eyesight but in vain. Smile disappeared from their daughter’s face.

As she grew older, she began to be afraid of even meeting with her relatives, to say nothing of her friends. Around this period of time, teachers of the KAAD visited her house.

They discovered the bud of her talent in singing and trained her as a soloist.

One year, during her visit to a foreign country as a member of the Pyongyang exchange group of disabled persons, she sang songs of her motherland which has brought her talent into full bloom, winning a big hand from the audience.

After enjoying the performance given by the disabled persons from the DPRK, the foreigners said unanimously: It is amazing. Who would believe that they are persons with disabilities at the sight of their splendid musical talents? They are by no means disabled. We came to have a better understanding of the DPRK which provides the disabled persons with excellent educational conditions.

Jin Ri is further cultivating her talent under the affection and support of her teachers and friends.

Her mother said: Our socialist system realized your dream which your parents failed to do. I hope you become an oriole singing highly of the motherland.

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