Secret Behind Increase in Output

Apples are gathered in at the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm.

The Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm in Samsok District of Pyongyang has increased harvest of apples this year.

“We’ve harvested more than 40 species of apples this year, including ‘Kumgang’, ‘Cholryong’ and ‘Unnyul’,” said farm manager Choe Chol Yong.

Chief engineer Kwak Chil Song ascribed the increased fruit harvest to their improvement of the nutritive conditions of fruit trees.

According to him, the farm spread over 30 tons of organic fertilizer per hectare of the orchard and 10kg of carbonated nano fertilizer for each fruit tree to suit the topographical and soil conditions.

And it sprayed a biological activity reinforcing agent onto the leaves of fruit trees over three times a day.

The farm also attached importance to the extermination of harmful insects.

As it rained frequently this year, the farmers could not spray insecticides in time, which increased the infestation of harmful insects, he said.

To cope with the situation, the farm conducted the survey of harmful insects in advance while taking steps to apply agrochemicals immediately after the rain stopped.

They helped the farm save much agrochemicals and improve the blight-killing effect as against before when it applied them mechanically.

In particular, it made a vegetable insecticide with an extract from a plant growing in the area to improve insect-killing effect while halving the amount of chemical insecticide applied.

The pomiculture institute of the farm designed a blight simulation program to analyse and inform when and where blight attack would occur so that the farm could take precautionary measures to prevent the blight damage.

This year all apple trees of the farm have borne over 1.5 times more fruits than last year and the weight of each apple increased more than 1.3 times on average, said the chief engineer. “The farmers are now busy picking fruits to be supplied to various units across the country”.

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