Raw Materials Reused to Generate Profits

An employee operates the large injector to produce battery-cell cases at the Taedonggang Battery Factory.

The Taedonggang Battery Factory, which is located in Phyongchon District, Pyongyang, has recently established recycling systems to get much profit.

Nowadays, the use of many kinds of electrical appliances is unthinkable apart from the use of battery and the wide use of battery brings environmental pollution. Especially, the lead of waste batteries is a material detrimental to environment.

“We recycle lead from worn-out batteries to prevent environmental pollution and to reduce production cost,” said Kim Song Chol, chief engineer of the factory.

The factory established an electrical smelting process to recycle lead from lead oxide of waste battery.

On that basis, it produces lead for battery with newly built resistance furnace.

It also halved electrode consumption as compared to the past by solving technical problems to use waste graphite electrode in producing reprocessed lead.

It also set up a dry refining process to raise the purity of reprocessed lead.

“The purity of lead, which is produced in the process consisting of dry refining furnace, mixer, pump and the like, reaches almost 100 percent,” said technician Ri Chol Yong.

Besides, the factory has also built a pipe production line which produces different sizes of plastic pipe with waste separator as raw material.

It is carrying on research to increase the capacity and life span of 12V-18Ah battery for light by establishing a new production method based on machine casting die.

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