Heinous Chauvinism Against Koreans

Recorded in the crime-woven history of the Japanese imperialists is the great Kanto earthquake during which they killed a large number of Koreans resident in Japan and inflicted sufferings on them.

A great earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale unprecedented in the history of Japan hit the Kanto area on the morning of September 1, 1923. It destroyed hundreds of thousands of houses and other buildings in a moment and caused conflagration one after another, leaving over 1.2 million victims. More than 200,000 people lost their lives under the collapsed buildings and were burnt to death.

At that time, the residents in the disaster-stricken area raised their voices of protest against their government for failing to take any immediate relief measures.

In order to divert elsewhere the dissatisfaction of the enraged public on them, the Japanese authorities spread false rumours that Koreans were raising uprisings, setting fires and poisoning wells. They also issued a “royal ordinance” No. 401 on mercilessly killing the Koreans resident in Japan by labelling them as the “enemies”.

According to this, the Japanese army, gendarmerie, police, “vigilante corps” formed with civilians and other right-wing hooligans were mobilized to kill more than 23,000 Koreans in a cold-blooded way, which went beyond human imagination.

Nearly a century has passed since then. However, far from making sincere apology and reparation for the massacre of the Koreans, Japan has persisted in an attempt to distort its crime-woven history and taken every opportunity to discriminate against the Koreans resident in its country and suppress them.

The following are typical examples: The random shooting at the Central Hall of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), the act of vandalism at a Korean kindergarten in Tsurumi, the facts that last year, the Japanese government excluded the childcare facilities under Korean schools from application of the “system for free infant education and upbringing”, that the Saitama city authorities followed the example to prohibit the supply of medical masks to the kindergarteners of Korean school, and that, in May, Japanese right-wing gangsters thronged to Korea University with placards, which read “Korea University is a murderous university”, “Tokyo Metropolis should cancel the approval of its corporate body”, etc., slinging mud at Chongryon and its university.

These are state-sponsored crimes openly committed with the connivance of the Japanese authorities that engage in imbuing their whole society with chauvinism against Koreans in a systematic way after setting the anti-DPRK hostility as a state policy.

The Korean people will never forget the hot-blooded outcry from the souls of victims of the great Kanto earthquake. They will surely settle accounts with the anti-DPRK, anti-Chongryon and anti-Korean moves of the Japanese authorities ever-mounting from one century to the next and make Japan pay dearly for its heinous crimes.

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