Youth of Korea

To Bring Earlier the Bright Tomorrow of a Thriving Country

Young people in the DPRK always stand in the vanguard of the efforts to build theirs into a socialist power.

It is their unanimous will to do more worthwhile things for the good of their country in the days of their precious youth.

Many of monumental structures built in the country are named after the word “youth”.

One of them is the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station. This three-tiered power stations were built by young people on the upper reaches of the Sodu River in Paegam County, Ryanggang Province, overcoming unfavourable physiographic conditions in the northern tip of Korea.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the power stations in September Juche 104 (2015). Looking round the dams of power stations Nos.1 and 2 and other places, he spoke highly of their exploits displayed in the construction and named it the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station.

Encouraged by his appreciation, they built power station No. 3 in less than half a year by devoting their youthful vigour and wisdom.

Today, a large number of young Koreans are working with patriotic devotion at major construction sites, including the Tanchon Power Station and the third-stage project for sprucing up Samjiyon City.

Thanks to their vigorous efforts for creation and innovation in the general onward march for socialist construction, new norms and records are being witnessed in different fields of the national economy.

They are playing the leading role in scientific research, too.

This year alone, students from Kim Il Sung University and Kim Chaek University of Technology exalted the honour of their country in the Codechef contest, an international Internet programming contest.

Young sportspeople flied high the flag of their country in the 21st Taekwon-Do World Championships in 2019, the 2019 World Weightlifting Championship of the International Weightlifting Federation, the 2019 World Wrestling Championship and many other international competitions in the past.

The young Koreans regard it as their greatest happiness to readily volunteer to do anything for the sake of the country and people, and realize their ideals on the road to this end.

For the past 10-odd years, more than 1,000 graduates from Kim Hyong Jik University of Education, Pyongyang Teachers Training College, Wonsan University of Education and many other universities and colleges volunteered to work at branch schools on far-flung islands and hard-of-access mountainous villages. They are now devoting themselves to education of the rising generations to bring them up into the future pillars of the country.

The DPRK’s prosperous tomorrow will be brought earlier as it is supported by such laudable young people who dedicate their youth without hesitation in hearty response to the call of the Party and the country.

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