Noteworthy Teaching Methods


These days, the Wasan Technical Senior Middle School in Sosong District in the capital city Pyongyang is introducing new teaching methods.

What is fundamental in those teaching methods is an active use of diverse study-supporting programs during lessons.

The school is developing and using study-supporting programs by itself, which can help the students to have faculties of cooperation, inquiry and creation.

Principal Kim Song Il says:

“We have developed many study-supporting programs including ‘Sea of Knowledge’.

If a teacher suggests a point, students search information concerned with these programs. On its basis, they can put knowledge on a comprehensive, systematic and priority basis and present their ideas during lessons. They can also foster their faculties of cooperation through frequent group workshops.

We have built all the spaces of the school including classrooms, laboratories and corridors for education.

This time, we have displayed new moving visual aids in the corridor before the laboratory. We have enabled the students to touch the teaching tools to move them and discuss each other. We have induced them to suggest their creative opinions to teachers and make them in person. So, the students like it.”

The programs developed and completed with the technologies of virtual reality, speech recognition and image recognition further raise the students’ enthusiasm for study.

The moving visual aids were designed to foster the students’ faculties of inquiry during break and after-school hours. It suited to their mental qualities and was effective in developing their creativity.

Those programs could be developed and the moving visual aids made thanks to the efforts of teachers of the school who lay the “stepping-stone” for the students in leading the teaching course.

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