Home-Made Products

Koryo Simchong Company

The Koryo Simchong Company is headquartered in Moranbong District, Pyongyang.

It has under its umbrella the Pyongyang Glasses Shop, Wolhyang General Store, Wolhyang Exhibition House, etc.

The Pyongyang Glasses Shop has its branches in Mangyongdae, Central and other districts of Pyongyang, Phyongsong City in South Phyongan Province, Jongju City in North Phyongan Province and other local areas.

The shop and its branches are fully provided with machines, including automatic optometer by means of computer, glasses calibration tool and lens processing machine.

On sale are various kinds of glasses, cases and frames, spectacle lenses for blocking ultraviolet and infrared rays, glass lenses, night glasses, lens cleaners, bands for relieving eye strain, etc.

The Wolhyang Exhibition House is a favourite place frequented by tourists.

In the past, many products of the company were highly appreciated in the exhibitions and expos held in Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, Italy and other countries.

The company is making efforts to promote multilateral exchanges with its partners around the world.

The company was founded in 1992.

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