The Grass He Named in Person

One day in August Juche 104 (2015) the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was very pleased to hear a report on feed-grass under experimental cultivation at Farm No. 1116 and visited the farm in swelter.

Entering a field, he saw a tall feed crop time and again and repeatedly said it is wonderful and marvellous. And he highly praised it is a proud success that the farm succeeded in the experimental cultivation of the feed crop with great nutritive value and high yield.


That day he named the feed crop “Aeguk” grass. The name represented his noble will to develop the animal husbandry of the country rapidly and thus provide the people with better diet.

The “Aeguk” grass has completely changed the existing conception of feed crop. It has a unit-area yield several times higher than the already-known feed crops and can be harvested 4 to 6 times a year. About 200 tons of green feed can be harvested per hectare.

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the “Aeguk” grass is cultivated everywhere and widely used for development of the animal husbandry.

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