Pigyokjinchonroe is a cannonball with fuse which was made and used by Korean ancestors during the Imjin Patriotic War. The Imjin Patriotic War was a war against the Japanese aggressors between 1592 and 1598.

The name of Pigyokjinchonroe came from the meaning that it shakes the sky and earth when it is fired to explode.

Doctor and Associate Professor Kang Se Gwon, Section Chief of the History Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences, says:

“Pigyokjinchonroe was made in the course of development of different cannons already used by our ancestors.

This weapon was invented by Ri Jang Son, the then cannon-maker, for the first time before it was used at the battle of Kyongju Fortress during the Imjin Patriotic War. Pigyokjinchonroe looks like a ball. It was divided into different ones according to its outer diameter and mass.”

Pigyokjinchonroe could make the explosive time earlier or slow it down like a time bomb according to the length of the fuse. At that time it was fired by different kinds of cannons, whose firing range was about 750 to 900 metres.

Pigyokjinchonroe was known in the world history of cannons as a cannonball with fuse and the first form of the time bomb.

It displayed a great power in mopping out the invaders and gave a great terror to the enemy during the Imjin Patriotic War.

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