Efforts for Development of the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is the basis of the industry and it plays an important role in strengthening the independence of the economy and improving the people’s living.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un regards the chemical industry along with the metallurgical industry as the twin pillars for the economic construction and makes devoted efforts for its development.

Jang Son Ryang, Department Head of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, says:

“The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un brightly indicated the direction and ways for the development of the chemical industry and gave uninterrupted field guidance to units related with the chemical industry across the country. Among them are the Sinuiju Chemical Fibre Mill on the bank of the Amnok River, the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, the Songyong Paints Factory and other industrial establishments and a reed producer on the Pidan Island on the West Sea of Korea he made his way through the ankle-deep mud.


And this year he called at the construction site of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory as the first leg of his field guidance and solved all problems one by one and encouraged the builders. His trust and affection enabled them to successfully finish the gigantic project like the establishment of a new industrial field in the shortest period.”

It is the firm resolve of Kim Jong Un to develop the chemical industry of the country as soon as possible and thus make the national economy Juche-oriented and modern.

When he visited an organ studying the chemical materials, he solved all problems arising in the reconstruction and expansion project and stressed the need to further strengthen the independence of the chemical industry.

Thanks to his energetic leadership, the fertilizer production capacity increased day by day and a big progress was made in the work to explore the field of chemical industry depending on new materials.

Now the field of chemical industry is actively promoting the work to perfect a new structure of the chemical industry with many-sided production system, enery-, labour- and resources-saving, technically intensive and based on creation-oriented development, which manufactures different kinds of chemical goods according to demand and thoroughly depending on domestic raw and other materials.

The chemical industry of Korea now makes a new progress, fully displaying its might under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un who gives wisdom, strength and courage for creating everything in Korean way.

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