Disabled Persons

Clinic Brings Hope to the Mobility-Impaired

A nurse fastens an orthopaedic appliance for knee restoration at the Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic.

The Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic is located on the banks of the Taedong River in Pyongyang.

Generally, the treatment for functional recovery hardly produces conspicuous results and requires much time. The patients are afraid to show themselves in front of others, and young people, especially women, develop such a phobia more than others.

The researchers at the clinic, however, try to give hope to those coming to the clinic.

In particular, they make a variety of orthopaedic appliances and apply them to treatment.

“These appliances, in a word, are similar to glasses which are worn to make up for bad eyesight. As glasses do not cause wearers much inconvenience, the appliances do not impose much burden on patients,” said Cha Myong Il, department chief of the clinic.

Jang Su Yong from Namgang-dong No. 3, Phohang District, Chongjin, North Hamgyong Province, could not stand upright owing to her badly deformed backbone.

But she came to be able to hold herself straight after receiving orthopaedic treatment at the clinic.

“Before receiving the treatment, my waist was severely bowed. But now I am virtually leading a normal life,” said Jang who is an online student of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

Besides, lots of dynamopathic patients found the hope of life again with the help of orthopaedic appliances.

The clinic makes many kinds of orthopaedic appliances including those for knee restoration after knee joint dislocation and arthritis, for the treatment of shoulder dislocation and fracture, for straightening waist to ensure activities of unrecoverable disabled persons and to meet their aesthetic demands, for thoracolumbar bones and ankle and foot and for wrist and hand for the treatment of phalangeal arthropathy, as well as shoe liners for those whose mobility is hindered.

They are winning much favour with users as they are light and convenient to wear and very effective.

The orthopaedic appliances of the clinic were awarded the certificates of invention and contrivance at the 16th national inventions exhibition in 2018, the 9th national medical appliances exhibition, the national sci-tech achievements exhibition of public health sector-2019 and others.

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