Disaster Response

Urgent Measures Taken in DPRK to Minimize Typhoon Damage

Urgent measures are being taken for minimizing the damage in the situation that heavy rain and strong wind are expected to hit various areas of the DPRK, due to the effect of Typhoon No. 9.

Officials of the Party and power organs at all levels are conducting intensive information campaign among people to let them deeply understand the importance of work for preventing typhoon damage and methods of coping with its crisis.

And they are taking immediate and thoroughgoing measures after making detailed survey of dangerous spots while frequently examining the conditions of buildings, roads, croplands, railways, railway tunnels and others in their areas.

The units in charge of city management have repaired roofs and fixed trees and road lamps in a responsible way, as part of the efforts to minimize the typhoon damage, and removed sediments from sewerages and put water pumps in good condition for smooth drainage.

The power distribution stations in each province, city and county have taken scrupulous measures for protecting electrical equipment and power transmission towers, while checking them for stable power supply.

Units in charge of dams and floodgates are directing big efforts to comprehensively analyzing hydro-meteorological data, checking water level in real time and properly regulating it.

Fishery and offshore farms on the east coast, which are put on special-class alert for strong wind and high wave, let their ships move to safe areas and take measures to protect landing equipment and culture grounds.

Officials and working people in the field of national heritage preservation also made a survey of all the objects, which might be damaged by typhoon, and are taking full security measures like readjustment of waterways and revetment.

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