Children of Korea

Nursing Environment Improved

Namsin Nursery in Songyo District, Pyongyang, is improving the nursing and upbringing of children.

As part of the efforts to spruce up the children’s living environment more cozily, it carved on the walls of its building the leading figures from animations and collections of world-famous juvenile stories, starry worlds of night sky and pictures showing their happy life in relief.

Its outdoor playground is furnished with new amusement facilities.

The nursery contrives and makes moving visual aids and ensures that children develop their intelligence and independent thinking and observation faculties through various intelligent games and observation in the nature study room and thus have a correct understanding and general idea of matters.

“Our children foster the mind of loving their friends and respecting their parents and seniors from their childhood as they see multimedia presentations and animations,” said Kang Mi Ran, head of the nursery.

They cultivate rich emotion and artistic talents as well through their daily routine in which song and dance take a large proportion.

The nursery runs mushroom cultivation and loach breeding grounds, while growing cherry, grape, jujube and other fruit trees.

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