Into Treasure Mountains and Golden Mountains

Korea accounts for almost 80 percent of mountains.

It is a plan and intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea to change all the mountains into golden mountains full of wild fruits of different kinds and with timber forest, forest of oil-bearing trees and forest for producing paper, and into treasure mountains with grasslands for herds of goats and sheep and full of medicinal herbs and wild vegetables.


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has set March 2 as the Arbor Day and the people across the country plant trees from early spring every year.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited a unit of the Korean People’s Army on March 2, Juche 104 (2015) on the occasion of the Arbor Day.

Noting that all the mountains should be changed into golden mountains and treasure mountains within coming 10 years, he said the service personnel of the People’s Army should not merely plant some trees or transplant full-grown trees on the Arbor Day, but continue to plant trees until the mountains around their units and in their stationing places are turned into treasure mountains and golden mountains.

All people across the country have turned out to realize the lofty intention.


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