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Pine Nut Grafted Forest Grows Thicker

Employees of the forestry management station in Riwon County, South Hamgyong Province, discuss how to improve the cultivation of chestnut saplings.

Visitors can see a spectacular view of pine nut forests in Riwon County, South Hamgyong Province.

It owes a great deal to the efforts of the county forestry management station, which turned all mountains in the county into forests of pine nut-grafted trees by grafting pine nut tree onto pine tree.

“Riwon is a seaside county and many pine trees grow here. Especially, there is Songdan, a scenic attraction along the seaside of Riwon Bay with sand dunes stretching as far as the eyes can see and evergreen pine forests,” said Yun Su, manager of the station.

According to him, the station began to introduce the pine nut-grafting technology decades ago.


At the time, it set a goal to transform the forests by grafting pine nut tree of economic value onto pine tree, which grows well even in infertile soil.

“It costs much labour to make slits in hundreds of thousands of pine trees and insert pine nut tree scions into them. But it is more profitable to graft pine nut onto pine than to cultivate pine nut seedlings as it bears pine nut earlier,” said Ko Son Il, an employee of its tree nursery.

And the station set the grafting time between late March and early April to ensure the rooting rate of grafted trees.

Decades-long painstaking efforts bore fruit: now pine nut-grafted forests cover hundreds of hectares in the county.

The station also produces saplings of various good tree species at the plastic panel greenhouse equipped with an automatic control system.

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