Kumsanpho Tells a Story

Kumsanpho is found on the West Sea of Korea.

Some years ago, a modern factory to produce pickled fish in an industrial way and a fishery station for its operation were built for the first time in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Pickles are delicious and nutritive foods the Korean people liked from olden times.

The factory produces tens of kinds of pickled fishes including the pickled sand eels, anchovies, shellfish, oysters, squids and razor clams, which are popular among people for their relish and nutritive effect.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un proposed building the modern fish pickling factory and fishery station for its operation and chose their sites in the Kumsanpho area.

It was an excellent place for the fish pickling factory as it is free from pollution and marine-ecologically clean.

One day in March Juche 104 (2015), Kim Jong Un came out to the spot. Saying it is an excellent place, he named the factory to be built soon the “Kumsanpho Fish Pickling Factory”. And he indicated specific orientation and ways to build them perfectly.

In August Juche 107 (2018) he visited the Kumsanpho Fish Pickling Factory again and highly appreciated it, saying: One kind of fish was pickled in various types. The pickled fishes were packed well to make one’s mouth water and their packages are colorful. I can know well that they have made a study of pickles a lot.

At the storehouse for products, looking with a bright smile on his face at the cans of pickled fishes tiered up like a picture, he said with excitement: It is really wonderful. I feel a great pride to think that those products would contribute to improving the people’s diet even a little. The Kumsanpho Fish Pickling Factory is like a treasure house of the fishing port on the West Sea to improve the people’s diet.

This is how Kumsanpho was well-known as a famous pickled fish producer.

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