Not a Day and a Half but All the Year Round


The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the State Academy of Sciences in mid-January Juche 103 (2014).

Looking round different places of the academy all morning, he gave valuable instructions which would serve as a guideline in the development of science of the country. Then he spent his afternoon at Lake Yonphung by which a scientists holiday camp would be built.

That evening, a leading official of the academy was called by Kim Jong Un again, who had accompanied him all day.

The moment, he remembered the dreamlike day which passed from the early morning he had answered his phone.

He had felt a lump in his throat, hearing him say that he had thought of the name of a street to be built in the Unjong area for scientists throughout the night and looking at his car covered with a cloud of dust, running along the mountain path.

On the afternoon of the previous day, Kim Jong Un had given specific instructions to an official concerned on the construction of the scientists street.

After all, he spent a day and a half of his precious time for scientists.

With an urge to tell the story to the people across the country, the official was intending to write an article under the title “A Day and a Half Devoted to Scientists”.

Informed of it, Kim Jong Un smiled a bright smile, saying: Why only a day and a half for scientists? I have the scientists in my mind all the year round.

Kim Jong Un was always thinking of the scientists of the country all the year round.

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