Science and Technology

New Varieties of Flowers Bred


“Our institute acclimatizes beautiful flowers that suit the taste and emotion of our people to spread them throughout the country,” said Ri Chol Jun, deputy director of the Pyongyang Floriculture Institute.

He said the institute bred over 100 varieties of flowers including large roses, cosmos and Calceolaria crenatifolia in various beautiful colours to contribute to urban landscaping.

It recently laid scientific and technological foundations for growing in large numbers such indoor flowering plants as Cymbidium Manbokhwa, Phalaenopsis, anthurium and cactus.

“We have solved problems arising in the management of nutrition and environment for beautiful indoor flowering plants of great ornamental effects and substrate for their cultivation as well,” said Pang Hyon Im, section chief of the institute.

Cymbidium Manbokhwa, for example, could not be widely spread in the past as it was grown by relying on pine bark and sphagnum. But now it has become possible to cultivate the flower in large numbers using locally available charred rice husks, she added.

The mesotherm can easily be grown at home and in office as it is highly resistant to high and low temperatures and it is in great demand as a dozen flowers remain in bloom on a stem for three months.

The institute is also conducting research to enhance the ornamental effects of cactuses.

Researchers came up with over 30 varieties of cactuses in bright colours by grafting cactuses onto different varieties of the plant.

“Cactuses are widely used in decorating rooms. Everyone likes them as they are beautiful in shape and colour and have great air purifying effects as well,” said researcher Ri Myong Son.

According to him, the graft-bred cactuses grow two to ten times faster than those that are cultivated in common soil and produce flowers faster.

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